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The time for developing clean and sustainable energy sources for the future is now. As a leading innovator, Rabco Energy solutions, Inc. calls upon its experience to offer a full lineof Traditional and Organic Rankine Cycle products delivering superior experience and reliability. We help companies to fully utilize waste heat energy to power resources.Rabco Energy is an experienced company dealing withrenewable energy projects. We specialize in waste heatrecovery, geothermal and solar thermal solutions.

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Future-oriented technologies, such as waste heat applications, are delivering green, renewable energy.

Our vision is to create innovative energy systems for a cleaner world

Of the estimated 500,000 smokestacks in the United States, 47,500 represent up to 75%of untapped waste heat at above 500 F. This waste heat could generate at least 50,000megawatts of power. Utilizing this waste heat could generate more than $100 billion in grossrevenues. Rabco targets this market by capturing waste heat and efficiently converting it intopower. We efficiently recover waste heat attemperatures higher than 500 F.Rabco Energy Solutions, Inc. Power Plant retrofits create electricity that can be used in industryor sold back to you at substantially less expensive rates than you are currently paying perkilowatt.

RABCO offers you a substantial advantage :

  • Easy to install, limited footprint, low maintenance cost, simple automated operation.
  • Broad temperature applications.
  • Reduces carbon emission and greenhouse gases and produces zero acid rain.

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