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While solar thermal has been in wide use in Europe and Asia for years – and has been proven efficient, reliable and affordable for residential and commercial buildings, it is not widely understood in the United States, though that is changing. As with anything new, some confusion exists about Thermal Solar. We want you to get the facts so you can understand the concepts that support Solar Thermal technology. We know once the public understands all its advantages, they will be ready to adopt it and begin enjoying substantial savings it offers.

The "white papers", available here, discuss those concepts and distil the subtle differences between other, older technologies and other "green" technologies, such as photovoltaic (PV). We encourage you to download these and study them. As always, if you have questions, need some clarification, want to receive a site survey, or a no-obligation quotation on a system for your building, contact us.
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Why thermal solar works better and is more cost efficient, and how to analyze this versus other options.
To download the SOLARGE Project brochure, click the PDF icon to the left. SOLARGE was a three-year consortium project dedicated to promoting thermal solar in Europe, opening up new markets for large collective solar thermal systems in multi-family buildings, hotels, public and social buildings, and establishing general guidelines for successful future projects. The SOLARGE project ended in 2007, but the treasure trove of information they inspired and collected is available in several documents. This is one of them.
This is the SOLARGE Best Practices catalogue. It contains helpful technical information that will help anyone considering taking advantage of Solar Thermal space heating, space cooling or water heating. To download it, click on the PDF icon to the left.
See a schematic of the HVAC System Rabco Solutions for the Greensfelder Recreational Complex in St. Louis County, Missouri. The municipal building will now operate more efficiently, as well as more green and more economically. Included are three additional schematics demonstrating how we set up our thermal solar water heating, space and water heating, a typical space heating system, and a pool heating system.
Photovoltaic VS Solar Water Heating – Simple Solar Payback
Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Collectors Explained
Rabco Press Release 1
Rabco Press Release 2
Solar Thermal vs Photovoltaic
Solar Comm Lease


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