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How Our System Works

Rabco Solution's Thermal Solar systems are built around a unique solar energy collection system utilizing arrays mounted on rooftops, fences, or any surface available to the sun – our most abundant and free source of energy. The unique design of these arrays allows just a little sunlight to rapidly heat the tubes to temperatures in excess of 300° F. Rabco Solution's collectors are designed and engineered by Daimler Aerospace to integrate into your existing HVAC systems. There's no need to "rip out" existing system components.

Water is pumped through a closed loop of pipes through the tube collectors. It then moves the now very hot water through heat exchangers and tanks, as shown in the illustration here.

For water heating applications the job is done.

For space heating applications, the heated water is moved to a heating boiler that uses existing conventional forced air technology to heat the building.

For space cooling, the heated water is moved to a “absorption chiller” and from their works as a conventional air conditioning system would, except that all the electricity and natural gas you once consumed to do this work goes unused because it is not needed for these functions any longer.

Controls and sensors, also integrated into your existing system, monitor the process and regulate it so the water flow doesn't get too hot, or fall below a pre-set temperature of your choosing. It's pretty sophisticated, but nothing you already don't do with your furnace thermostat or the regulator on your traditional water heater. Have you read our White Paper yet?


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