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The time has come to begin to not only think about using renewable energy sources,
but actually doing something about it – in your life.

At Rabco Solutions we understand the hesitation for anyone to trade in their reliable automobile and jump into an electric vehicle. Our mission is to help you  forgo a dependence on reliable electricity or natural gas to heat water for bathing, cooking, air conditioning and heating, but to use a new source of energy. We also understand that now is the time to consider doing just that for a lot of good reasons.

The first step is to change the paradigm we have about energy. Energy is energy, not just electricity, gasoline or coal. We suggest you read our White Papers that starts the conversation.

A sober reality to consider is that we lose between 20% to 60% of the electricity we generate in the United States through transportation over the grid. That's electricity that never makes it to your outlets. Because of a physics phenomena called resistance, as electricity travels along the grid, we lose a lot of it step by step.

The Rabco Solution is Thermal Solar – power from the sun. Unlike photovoltaic collectors that convert sunlight to electricity (energy to energy), Thermal Solar converts sunlight (even on overcast days, winter and summer) into heat (again, energy to energy) that can be used to heat spaces in homes or commercial buildings, heat water, and even cool spaces in homes and commercial buildings. Thermal Solar is about ten times more efficient than photovoltaics.


The other thing we want to emphasize is that this is not brand new technology. Thermal Solar has been in wide use throughout Europe and Asia for many years. Large portions of entire cities are now utilizing this technology. No, they have not eliminated electricity or natural gas completely. But, when you consider that up to 80% of the energy we consume now is for heating, cooling and water heating – switching to Thermal Solar starts to make sense. You can read more about actual, real life situations where Thermal Solar has taken root and is providing families and businesses with reliable, economical energy in these Case Histories.


Here are some key points: If we can eliminate the use of electricity (and the burning of coal and natural gas that creates much of it) or direct natural gas use for heating and cooling buildings and heating water, we have done two important things – reduced our energy costs and reduced emissions that are contributing to global climate change.

One other consideration.
Because we are an experienced Thermal Solar integrator, we have formulated ways to keep our systems very affordable. Combine low cost with our high efficient systems and you'll get a payback period that isn't decades long, but just a few short years. Let us show you the numbers. There are lots of companies who profess to know about solar energy, but few have the experience and expertise we have to do it right, and to maximize your energy savings!

Rabco Solutions is a company active right now building U.S.-based Thermal Solar installations – commercial and residential. Our staff is comprised of engineers, technicians and certified installers who have experience here in the States, but also in Europe, where, as we have already said, this technology is very popular and growing day by day. Just as many families are adopting LED and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), and purchasing Energy Star® appliances, the next logical move is to save on what amounts to as much as 70% to 80% of your energy expense.

Don't take our word for it though. We invite you to learn more about Rabco Solutions and Thermal Solar technology by starting at our How Our Systems Work page, reading our White Papers, scouring the Case Histories, and then Googling “Thermal Solar” and doing you own independent research. Then call us. We will be delighted to become your partner to help you start saving money and the planet.

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